de Rosa, A. S. (1993).
Social Representations and attitudes: problems of coherence between the
theoretical definition and procedure of research.
Papers on Social Representations, 2, p. 178-192.


This paper attempts to discuss the following points: 1. A factor of resistance to the diffusion of the paradigm of Social Representations is the nostalgia for Attitude. 2. Previous attempts to inte­grate the S.R. paradigm and the concept of attitude. 3. Continuing this work of thoroughly examining the articulations between S.R. and attitude, this article proposes two theses, as discussion topics: 3.1 That Social Representation is both a heuristic concept and a theory, whereas attitude is a concept with different meanings in different theories. 3.2 That there is a lack of coherence between the paradigmatic definition of S.R. and its operationalization.